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Plastic dominoes are to be preferred over wooden dominoes

Wooden dominoes or plastic dominoes? Small or bigger ones?

Should you choose plastic or wooden domino blocks? Wooden domino blocks have the advantage that they are generally slightly cheaper. Still, wood is not the most suitable material for domino constructions, because it is too light. For stable constructions, the blocks require a certain weight. On the one hand, this applies to simple line constructions:… continue reading

Gold and silver domino

New colors: dominoes in gold and silver

We are proud to announce that as of today 2 new colors have been added to our range: gold and silver.

Domino Day Logo

Domino Day postponed again to an indefinite date

UPDATE 12/02/2021: Dutch TV-chain RTL comes with an alternative to Domino Day . The corona crisis continues to throw a spanner in the works for the largest domino event in the world. Today, RTL and EndemolShine informed RTL Boulevard that the event will be postponed again. No new date has been given. Previously, Domino Day… continue reading

Domino Day Logo

Domino Day postponed until March 2021

UPDATE: Domino Day has been postponed again to an unspecified date Domino Day will not take place in November 2020, as EndemolShine had previously announced. The spectacle, which was supposed to set a new world record for falling dominoes, has been postponed because of the coronavirus. RTL Boulevard reported this yesterday. The show is now… continue reading

Domino Day Logo

Domino Day is back in November 2020

UPDATE 09/09/2020: Domino Day again postponed to an unspecified date Good news! The legendary Domino Day, the show that attempts to break the world record for falling dominoes, returns after an 11-year absence. Yesterday, EndemolShine came out with the message on their Facebook and Instagram page. The programme will be broadcast on RTL 4 in… continue reading

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