Endless building fun with domino

With Don Domino's toppling dominoes, you can make the greatest constructions. Whether you put them all on one long line, go vertical with towers and pyramids, or use spectacular techniques to amaze your spectators, with Don Domino you can do it all. One small push, and there starts an impressive chain reaction. But be careful not to push too soon ...

How many colors do you want? 10, 20 or 25?

All the colors of the rainbow, and much more! With our 10 and 20 color mixes you’re guaranteed to bring color to all your domino projects.

New: the Mega Mix

1000 dominoes, 25 colors

Introducing the Mega Mix, our largest set ever. Enjoy the pro domino experience with 1000 pieces in 25 different colors, coming in a handy, stackable transparent box.

Limited Edition

Two new colors, temporarily available: Mouse Grey and Sky Blue. We produced a one-time batch of these colors, so they will only be available while supply lasts.

The 4 seasons

Each season has its typical colors. From the pastel shades of spring to the exuberant summer colors. From the variations of the fallen autumn leaf, to a winter’s play of light with snow and ice. Which season do you prefer?

30 colors to choose from

Do you prefer to compose your own domino color palette? All our colors can be ordered starting from 50 pieces.

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