New planning tool for domino projects launched


Last week Domino Planner was released, a new planning tool for domino projects created by French domino expert and software developer Baptiste Gauthier. Domino Planner is a free online tool that can help you create plans for domino layouts showing images and texts. The tool is currently in beta, meaning it is already open to use, but feedback reports about errors or possible improvements are welcomed by the creator.

A good way to start using the tool, is by uploading an image and applying a color palette to it. You can work with your own color palette (for example, all the colors from your domino collection), or work with a predefined base palette such as Don Domino’s standard color range. Then the tool will convert your image into a detailed layout plan, indicating how many dominoes of each color you need. You can choose to change the sizes of your field, depending on how many dominoes and how much time you have available. Of course, the larger you make the field size, the more detail it can contain and the more realistic it will look.

Instead of an image, you can also convert a piece of text with Domino Planner. You have a whole range of fonts available for this purpose, and can choose a color for the text and for the background. Again, the result is a detailed plan. And finally, you can also draw freely.
No matter how you came up with your drawing, you can export the project to an overview file in pdf and a domino protocol in xlsx format, which you can print out to use when building your project. In a domino protocol you will find in detail the order and quantity of dominoes per color for each row.

You can not only design surfaces with this, but also fall walls. The creator announced plans to add other structures in the future, such as speed walls, spirals and circle bombs.

If you create an account, you can save your projects. A very useful option if you ask us! The application is currently available in French and English.

On the Youtube channel of Domino Planner you will find some videos explaining the functionalities. Be sure to take a look at, and keep on building!