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Dutch Domino Team

Since 2021, Don Domino is proud to be a partner of Dutch Domino Team (DDT). DDT is a Dutch association of enthusiastic and experienced domino builders. They organize a successful event every year with a changing theme and a higher number of dominoes. You can also contact them for tailor-made workshops and projects.

As a sponsor of the WDC 2021 event, which takes place in the summer, we are providing DDT with 160,000 dominoes to be used in the falldown.

"They are comfortable to hold and stable". Already during the production process DDT gave its feedback in order to achieve a quality domino. Don Domino has managed to produce the perfect domino. We have found that dominoes by Don Domino are extremely straight, which makes them suitable for large 3D structures, walls and domino fields. They are comfortable to hold, which makes building easier for both beginners and professionals. You don’t have to think about whether a domino will remain stable, so you can be more creative!

Dutch Domino Team