Dutch TV viewers get an alternative to Domino Day


Now that a return of Domino Day is out of the question for the time being, Dutch TV viewers will soon get to enjoy some domino entertainment again. The Dutch TV channel RTL4 is preparing a domino show that will be produced by EndemolShine Netherlands, as reported by De Telegraaf yesterday.

It is a Domino competition that "is not about breaking the world record, but about the most creative and impressive Domino masterpieces," the company says. There is not yet a title for the program, of which a version has been in development in North America since the summer.

De Telegraaf

The producers were able to convince the well-known YouTuber Lily Hevesh, also known as Hevesh5 to be part of the show. She is the most followed domino artist worldwide, with more than 3 million followers on YouTube at the time of writing.

For the time being, further information is still lacking. For example, the name of the show is not yet known, neither when the program will be aired. The call for candidates must also follow.

Update: the show is called "Domino Challenge" and the first episode will air on Saturday, 28th of May 2022.