French TV channel M6 announces domino show


With an intriguing trailer, the French commercial television channel M6 has announced a program around dominoes. Yesterday, a 16-second video appeared on the channel’s Twitter account featuring an impressive domino setup and the words ‘Bientôt, le phénomène domino arrive en France’, or ‘The domino phenomenon will soon arrive in France’.

M6 has not yet made any further announcements about what the program would entail exactly. Just as planned in the Netherlands, it may be a domino competition where the aim is to make the most creative structures. Last month, Dutch channel RTL 4 announced that it will bring the American format Domino Effect to the Netherlands

There is also no information about a date for the new program. However, it is certain that soon, despite the postponement of Domino Day, several European countries will be able to enjoy domino entertainment.