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Don Domino present at World Domino Collective 2022: toppling 700.000 dominoes

On 19 August 2022, World Domino Collective 2022, the event by Dutch Domino Team (DDT), will reach its climax. After two weeks of building by people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the USA, the big falldown will take place in the Dutch town of Veenendaal. The team’s objective is to break the amateur… continue reading

Domino Challenge op RTL4 met Lily Hevesh en Ruben Nicolai

Dutch TV show “Domino Challenge” – featuring Lily Hevesh – premiers on 28th of May

More than a year after the first announcement, Dutch TV channel RTL4 has announced the starting date of the new TV show “Domino Challenge”. Starting on Saturday 28th of May, eight domino teams will compete for the title of Masters of Domino 2022. The teams are tasked to use their steady hand, precision and self-control… continue reading

New planning tool for domino projects launched

Last week Domino Planner was released, a new planning tool for domino projects created by French domino expert and software developer Baptiste Gauthier. Domino Planner is a free online tool that can help you create plans for domino layouts showing images and texts. The tool is currently in beta, meaning it is already open to… continue reading

French Domino project participates in Nikon Film Festival

This is a guest post by French domino artist Michaël Chiaramonte. Together with the collective ‘French Domino Team’, he set up a large global warming themed domino project, which he then integrated into his short film for the Nikon Film Festival: “Un Rêve” (a dream). You can watch the video below. If you like it,… continue reading

As seen on TV: dominoes by Don Domino in commercial by Flemish government and grid operator Fluvius

Last week, the Flemish government and grid operator Fluvius launched a new campaign to raise awareness around the energy transition. The energy transition is the transition from our current way of using energy to a more economical, smarter and greener approach. To support their message, they created a commercial featuring a beautiful falldown of thousands… continue reading

Famous domino artist Taikamuna makes Don Domino logo out of 5500 dominoes

Yesterday, domino artist Taikamuna published a new video in which he created a domino field of the Don Domino logo. Taikamuna is famous for setting up all kinds of amazing domino projects, and publishing them on his YouTube channel with more than 700.000 followers. Watch the video below to see 5500 dominoes being set up… continue reading

Don Domino at Dutch Domino Team's WDC event

Dutch Domino Team does it: 573,000 dominoes falling down

A year of preparation and 2 full weeks of building with a team of 20 people. And then, on Friday 30 July in the Dutch town Veenendaal, a total of 573,004 dominoes fell over in 20 minutes. It was an almost perfect falldown, with only a very limited number of dominoes remaining upright. With this,… continue reading

“Domino Challenge” will air starting June 24 on French TV channel M6

“Domino Challenge” will air starting June 24 on French TV channel M6

Almost two months after the French channel M6 sent a teaser into the world, we finally know more about the domino show that the French will be served. The program is called “Domino Challenge” and will launch on Thursday, June 24 at 9:05 p.m. The program will be presented by Stéphane Rotenberg, accompanied by Issa… continue reading

Don Domino tops Ultimate Domino Review: “These are simply expertly crafted dominoes”

Yesterday, Youtuber Wdomino launched the long-awaited first part of his “Ultimate Domino Review”. In this extensive review, he compares 7 different domino brands on things like quality, availability, building options, sound, and more. As a member of the Dutch Domino Team (DDT), Wdomino has an extensive domino experience and is therefore well placed to assess… continue reading